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Poster size digital photo printing, photo enlargement from 35mm slide, negative, or photo print.

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Poster Printing

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Poster printing, large format printing from digital files for presentations, exhibitions, or photo enlargements



      We offer poster printing ( large format printing, fine art printing, photo enlargement ) services for those who are looking for  photographic quality poster size prints at small quantities and big discount prices ( For quantity over 100, the price would be cheaper with offset printing ). We print full color posters ( large format photographs ) from your digital files,  at a fraction of what you would have to pay in  a service bureau. Currently we only offer printing services using  dye inks . Click  here for for a price list.

     Your digital files could be your photos taken with your high resolution camera, your scanned pictures, your graphic design, art works, presentations, advertisements... We accept the following file formats: Any bitmap file formats ( JPG, TIF, PSD, GIF ...),  CorelDraw (CDR), PDF, Illustrator ( AI, PS, EPS ), MS Words ( DOC ), MS Power Point ( PPT ) ... If you are using fonts other than the windows default fonts, please convert text to curve before saving the file, or export the art work to *.EPS file with the option text to curve or include text fonts. For MAC users, please save your art work to EPS format with text to curve conversions or include text fonts.

     For an acceptable sharpness, the digital photo should be at a resolution ( see Tech Tips ) greater than 100dpi at the print size ( Pictures look not bad at 100dpi, reasonably sharp at 200dpi ). Please note that if your original image is at a low resolution, changing the image to a higher resolution through interpolation won't improve the sharpness ( see Tech Tips ). If you are emailing the file, please JPEG it to within 3 MB file size.  For larger files, please  Upload  your files to our server ( up to 600MB in total ).  Please keep your file size to within a couple hundreds MB either by JPG compression, or LZW compression in TIF, or zipping it.  If you have problems with FTP, simply burn a CD and send to us by mail. ( No file size limit if you send by mail )

      We also provide the large format photo enlargement ( photo printing ) service from your 35mm slides, negatives, or photo prints  please click here  for photo enlargement ( photo printing ) service.

Dye inks large format printing

   For lower cost and for larger size printing, we offer the dye inks printing services using the Epson Stylus Pro 9000 wide format printer, featured 1440 dpi resolution and  6  color cartridges ( C, M, Y, K, LC, LM ).  They are photo quality prints and the color is slightly more vibrant compared to the pigmented inks.

     We offer poster printing or large format printing services using dye inks on various Epson media such as heavy weight matte paper, photo gross paper, photo semi-gross paper, premium heavy weight gloss paper, back-lit film. The largest size for these services is 44" by 7 ft. Click here for a price list.

       There is an issue regarding the longevity of dye inks printing. The light fastness of the dyes depends on the environmental condition and on the media they were printed on. It could last for 20 years  without significant fading ( on matte or ColorLife paper ) when posted indoors under glass or plastics or lamination. For prints with dye based inks on semigloss  or glossy paper, it is very important that not to post the prints in open air. There are reports that red shift fading begins to occur within months or even weeks while posting the dye based prints on glossy or semi-gross paper indoors without using protective covers ( Even in the dark ). At the same time, some reports show no fading for years. The contradictory reports puzzled researchers for a while until they found out that ozone gas is the main cause for the fading. The ozone gas oxidizes the cyan dye and the process is extremely accelerated due to the "wicking" effect of the micro-porous coating on the gloss and semi-gross paper. If you are posting the prints in the ozone free environment, you will be OK. But if your room is full of high voltage devices such as computer monitors, air fresheners, fluorescent lights, the chances are your poster prints will be fading fast if posted open air. If you must post the prints without a transparent cover ( glass or plastic ), please avoid the photo gloss and semi-gross papers. The premium heavy gross paper and the ColorLife heavy weight semigloss paper have smaller porous sites ( therefore can't be used for pigmented inks printing )  which results in a much stronger ozone fading resistance, so do the matte paper and the back-lit film.

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We  use only Epson OEM inks and papers to ensure print quality. All jobs will be printed at the highest quality which is achievable from the printers.

Price list for dye inks large format printing  ( Maximum size 44"x84" )


18"x 24"  poster printing, matte photo quality paper ,     10 mil



custom size poster printing,  matte photo quality paper  ,  10 mil

$3.00 / sq ft


custom size poster printing,  semi gloss paper ,  7 mil

$3.75 / sq ft


custom size poster printing,  high  gloss paper ,  7 mi

$4.00/ sq ft


custom size poster printing,  heavy premium gloss paper,  9 mil

$4.50/ sq ft


custom size poster printing,  Back-lit film ,   6 mil

$5.50 / sq ft

  • Price for printing two 12"x 18", or five 8"x10", or four 8"x12", equal to one 18"x 24". Images could be different within a set .

  • Price for printing one 24"x36" is equal to two 18"x24" .

Quantity discounts:       Please contact us for quantity discounts.


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